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Who I Am

Massage is a great healing and energy booster

Experienced Knowledge

Beginning my studies at the Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego, California, in 1994, I found that I enjoyed massage and bodywork.  Turning then to the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in Florida in 1996, I received both Florida and National Certification.  

Returning to the Carolinas, I pursued a private practice in Fort Mill, SC, and now in Asheville, NC.

When I do a massage, there are several things that come to mind:  The first is the discomfort and pain which I have training to deal with that.  I can determine whether there is tightness, or something that the muscles are telling me and I coax them to relax.  (Myofascial training)

The second of course is to determine if there is anything broken or any areas to avoid massaging.  The intake form has a list of things you may have going on that would indicate me to avoid massaging.  The third is the simple relaxation that I simply let the client's body lead me in the direction I should go.  This involves feeling, watching, hearing anything from deep sighs to "purring" to "Oh Yeah", and also involves finding tight points around shoulder blades, glutes, etc.

NC LMBT#1358

SC           #1145


Experienced Knowledge

Massage is a great healing and energy booster

Experienced Knowledge

Studying modalities which would enable me to relieve pain and discomfort from workouts, strenuous weekend warrior jaunts, overwork and fatigue, I have a variety of techniques to relieve this discomfort.

Some of my clients have been the Charlotte Dance Theater, Ice Hocky Players, and Pro Wrestlers. 

 I also did seated massage at Festival in the Park in Charlotte, one of the nation's top 100 Festivals for several years.

My mission statement to you:

  • Provide quality massage in a private, discreet and safe environment
  • to ensure that all clients feel safe and secure in exploring reconnecting with their bodies.
  • To be a caring and compassionate massage therapist who makes eacn client feel important and special.
  • to provide a welcoming and friendly massage experience to people of all ages 18 +, races, and body types.
  • to make every client's session an experience that will help release all tension and stress.
  • to provide the ultimate relaxation and pleasure in your massage session.  
  • When you are my client, my focus is on you, your body, and what you need.  Whether it be relaxation from stress and daily life or bodywork for sore muscles from strenuous activities such as weightlifting, triathlon, or weekend warrior sports, I can help.


Massage is a great healing and energy booster

Massage is a great healing and energy booster

Massage is a great healing and energy booster

Tired? Depressed?  Feeling alone?  Simply want and need touch from another man?  Need a massage from a masseur who cares?  

Let my strong, trained, caring hands relax and rejuvenate you.

As you enter the massage room, you will be enveloped in soaring, meditative music.  Climbing onto the heated massage table, we begin the session by taking some deep breaths, allowing relaxation to do deeper with each breath.

Taking long, deep strokes down to your lower back, up your sides, then down again, I knead out the stiffness in your spinal erectors. I then work on your shoulders, and traps, gently stretching the neck muscles.

Continuing to your glutes, I knead them to release the tension from sitting or driving.  Proceeding to your legs, I work the hamstrings, calves, and do stretching to lengthen the quads and relieve the muscle stiffness.  

Then, turning you over, I work your chest, pecs, arms, and abs.  I also work the hamstrings, inner thigh, outer legs which are stressed from squats, running, bicycling, or other weekend warrior activities. I  do pulls, stretches, kneading...whatever it takes to get you loosened up from the stress of your daily life.  

Now, you are putty in my hands.  You are in an altered state of bliss, floating semi-conscious, enjoying the comfort of deep relaxation.

I cover you with a warm towel.  You are in the twilight zone. male massage asheville asheville male massage deep tissue massage