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The Benefits of Massage for men

July 5, 2018

Male Massage Asheville, Asheville  male 


Many  men want the strength of another man working their body with massage  techniques to relieve the muscular tension from athletic activities like  bodybuilding, running, bicycling, and the strenuous sports.

Massage  actually helps you to gain lean muscle mass by helping in recovery for the muscle fibers to grow in size and strength.

In  addition, some men simply have the need for touch from  another man.  

Massage  relaxes, energizes, and relieves the daily tension of work,  relationships, and day to day frustrations.  

Massage  is also a natural pain killer.  Muscle pain and cramping is  uncomfortable and annoying, and can handicap muscle relaxation and  muscle building processes.  

Stretching helps  the muscle fibers to relax and release tension so you can get a longer  stride, deeper reps, and increase your range of motion.

If one muscle  group is tight, opposing muscle groups may not be able to compensate  this tension, and there can be an imbalance that can lead to postural  changes leading to back problems and serious pain and discomfort.male massage asheville Asheville male massage